Saturday, December 5, 2015

Ceramic Magnets

Ceramic Magnets are widely used for making Fridge Magnets.

Ceramic Magnets (Round)-

Size = 20mm x 20mm
Thickness = 0.4mm
Price = Rs.4/- piece
Pack of 50 pieces = Rs. 150/-(Rs.3/- per piece)

Size = 25mm x 25 mm
Thickness = 0.4 mm
Price = Rs. 5/- per piece
Pack of 50 pieces = Rs. 200/-(Rs.4/- per piece)

Ceramic Magnets(Rectangle shape)-

Size = 29mm x 20mm
Thickness = 0.6mm
Price = Rs.8/- per piece
Pack of 50 pieces = Rs. 325/-(Rs. 6.5/- per piece)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Tracing Wheel

Tracing Wheel is Perfect for doing stitching on cards as well as for faux stitching on cards too.

Price = Rs. 25/-

Here is our creation using Tracing Wheel by giving Faux Stitch effect-

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Clear Acrylic Headers for Stamping(Round)

Clear Acrylic Headers for Stamping(Round)
Size = 40mm(1.5inches)
Price = Rs.10/- per piece
Pack of 10 pieces = Rs.80/-

Friday, October 9, 2015

Embossing and Piercing tools

These tools are used not only in flower making but also used in Clay modeling and sculpting too.

It’s a 2 sided embossing tool Set. Each set has Total 10 tools – 8 embossing tools and 2 piercing tools (In 2 sided).

The handles of these tools are made of fine acrylic with high quality embossing and Piercing tools on both sides.

What an expert LILA from LULLA CLAY ( tells us about these tools “ A kind of a must have tools for a Clay Crafter. These Tools are used for fine detailing on Clay. Applique Technique in clay can easily be done with these tools.”

Thanku Lila for giving us your review on these tools.

Those who are in love with Clay, must try these tools.

Price = Rs. 280/-


Check this awesome creation by Dr. Sonia of

using our Embossing and Piercing tools.

For full details, check here-